Company Court Rules for Compromise OR Arrangement

These rules govern the procedures at the High Court in the proceedings of scheme of compromise or arrangement. Various court rules relevant to the proceedings under section 391 to section 394 of the companies act are as follows:

R.67. Summons for directions to convene a meeting
R.68. Service on company
R.69. Directions at hearing of summons
R.70. Proxies
R.71. Application for stay
R.73. Notice of meeting
R.74. Advertisement of the notice of meeting
R.75. Copy of compromise or arrangement to be furnished by the company
R.76. Affidavit of service
R.77. Result of the meeting to be decided by poll
R.78. Report of the result of the meeting
R.79. Petition for confirming compromise or arrangement
R.80. Date and notice of hearing
R.81. Order on petition
R.82. Application for directions under section 394
R.83. Directions at hearing of application
R.84. Order under section 394
R.85. Compromise or arrangement involving reduction of capital
R.86. Report on working of compromise or arrangement
R.87. Liberty to apply