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One can expand business through
Acquisition of business

Acquisition is the buying of business of one (the "target") by another entity. It is one of the fastest ways to achieve rapid business growth.

    • Establishing new business is time consuming job, as it involves constructing business facilities,arranging for labour,finding suppliers and building customer base, this takes time and cost which is saved while acquiring a ready business.
    • Acquiring ready business gives benefit of synergy and also helps reducing competition in the sector.
    • Acquiring ready business gives you Goodwill, customer base, supply chain which results in saving of huge marketing costs.
    • Making acquisition offers many tax benefits which effectively results in cost savings
 Case Study of Pirmal on Growth Through Acquisition
How to Acquire ?

Business can be expanded through Various modes, every mode has its own pros and cons hence expansion must be planned while keeping into account core objective behind expansion. It can be achieved through following modes.  
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