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Q Want to right size the balance-sheet with minimal cost and without interrupting smooth continuity of business operation ? Has the Companies capital eroded due to losses, i.e. paid up capital is in excess of actual capital employed, and company wants to wipe out dull picture of the balance sheet? Does your Company want Buy Back beyond limitation specified U/s 77A of the Companies Act, to optimise share holders return and facilitate value creation and simultaneously help exit minority shareholders if any? whether consideration will be shares of your own company? Do you want to Acquire One or more undertaking? Do you want to Acqire shares of Target ? Do you want to acquire business /Undertaking? whether consideration will be shares of your own company? Merger is combining of two or more entities into one. Generally it is done by offering the share holders of one company securities in the acquiring company in exchange for the surrender of their shares. Takeover is the purchase of one company (the target) by another (the acquirer, or bidder). It is a Change in the controlling interest of a corporation, through an acquisition Demerger is a situation in which subsidiary or division of a company is split off into another company and merge into it. Generally it is done by offering the shares of the company "slump sale" means the transfer of one or more business undertakings as a result of the sale for a lump-sum consideration without assigning values to individual assets and liabilities. Is the Company having surplus but idle funds or unattractive alternative investment options with it?
Two or more entities wants to share and synergies its capability in certain geogrophical areas or business funcions Joint venture is a cooperation of two or more individuals or businesses each agreeing to share profit, loss and control in a separate enterprise. Is the Companies over burdened with debt and in process of servicing debt its daily operations is being hampered and substantial capital has been eroded by losses, so paid up capital is excess of actual capital employed?

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